A Helmet You’ll Want to Wear

May 28 2015

Tagged in accessories , fashion

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You need to wear a helmet in order for it to do its job.  But why aren’t people wearing them?  There are roughly 1,000 bicycle-related fatalities every year.

That’s where the Thousand Bicycle Helmet comes in.  Thousand’s mission is to reinvent the bike helmet, so people would actually want to wear them.  They started a Kickstarter campaign and have raised $130,000 to date: $110,000 over their goal.  They’re currently offering 4 different styles including a limited “Stay Gold” edition only offered through this campaign.  By using environmentally-friendly alternatives and modern design, this is the helmet you’ll want to wear.

The added kicker to these helmets is their “PopLock.”  A secret top that you pop open and slide your lock through when locking your bike: a convenient way to store your helmet, so you don’t have to lug it around.

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