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  SunLite Cruiser (927) 26" x 2.125" Tire Black/White  

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SunLite Cruiser (927) 26" x 2.125" Tire Black/White

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Another balloon cruiser tire with a grooved tread, large air volume for shock absorption. Manufacturer Pyramid. $10.99 (each).
26" x 2.125"
Additional Info:
40 psi max
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In-store inventory may vary from online. Contact the store location for exact inventory information. Ordering any in-stock item online for in-store pick-up will ensure the product to be ready for pick-up at the desired pick-up store location in a timely manner.
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We've shot assembly videos and written step by instructions to make assembling your new beach cruiser and accessories as easy as possible. The videos are listed first, if you scroll down to the bottom you will find photos with step by step written instructions. We are adding new assembly videos everyday, if you have a suggestion for an assembly video let us know. Send an email to If you haven't received your cruiser yet and are just wondering how much assembly is required, watch the first video titled How much assembly is required?

How much assembly is required?
Assembly Videos

These two links are basic assembly videos that guide you through the assembly process step by step. The Single Speed Bicycle Assembly is for basic cruisers and it takes approximately five minutes. The Fender Assembly is applicable for most fenders and shows you step by step how to assemble a set of fenders to a basic cruiser. When clicked these links will pop up a new window. Please allow popups to ensure they will play.

Single Speed Bicycle Assembly Video        Fender Assembly Video

The below videos are for more detailed assembly. Including Front & Rear Handbrake Assembly, Tuning Derailers, and Internal Multi Speed Hubs. In addition, there are videos to guide you through installation of a Front Basket and Rear Carrier. Simply hit the play button to play.

Accessory Installation Videos
Photo Instructions Bicycle Assembly

Assembling your brand new beach cruiser will take approximately 15 minutes. Following these step by step instructions will help make the assembly process faster and easier. To begin, your beach cruiser will arrive in a box as show in figure 1A. For a basic mens' or womens' cruiser the dimensions of the box are 57" long by 27" high and 7" wide. The tools that are needed to assembly the bicycle are a tire pump, an alan wrench with variable sizes, phillips head screw driver, scissors, a 5/8 wrench and a 14mm wrench. If you have a rachet set with the same dimension atttachments that will also work. Please see fig. 2A.

We recommend setting up your workplace as show in fig. 2B, either using a shelf or table to keep your tools organized, this will help speed up the assembly process. Your cruiser will be tightly packaged after removing it from the box. See fig. 3A and 3B. The wheels, handlebars, pedals, and seatpost will be all be zip tied together. The seat and owners manual will be on the bottom of the box. The frame will come wrapped in cardboard, we recommend leaving that on throughout the assembly process to prevent the frame from getting scratched.

We recommend resting your bike on top of the box after removing it. Fig. 3C points out the three zip ties that will be securing the wheel to the packaging. Cut all three and all other reaming zip ties. This will free all parts from the packaging. Set the parts to the side until it is time to use them in the assembly process.

Step one will be to put the front wheel on your cruiser. You will begin by loosening the bolts on the side of the wheel. Loosen the bolts enough to allow the fork to slide on to the wheel. Please see fig. 4C below.

After you have slid the wheel on to the forks, tighten the bolts by hand. Then to provide final tightening use the 5/8 wrench. Repeat process on both sides. See fig. 4D and 4E.

After the front wheel is tightened on, put kick stand down and stand bike upright. Fig. 4F.

After fastening on the wheels the next step will be to put on the pedals. The pedals will be labeled R for right and L for left. Fig. 5A. The left pedal will screw on in a counter clockwise motion, and the right will screw on in a clockwise motion. Fig. 5B. To provide final tightening use the 5/8ths wrench.

Next will be to install the handlebars. The stem of the handlebars will fit into a hole on the top of the fork. See fig. 6A. Insert stem and find your desired height. After deciding on the height you will tighten the bolt on top of the handlebars using the alan wrench. Fig. 6B.

After securing the height of the handlebars you will next need to adjust the angle of the handlebars using the alan wrench. Start by loosening the bolt in front of the handlebars. Figs. 6C & Fig. D. Adjust angle of handlebars accordingly, after you've found an agle you are happy with tighten the bolt to lock in the angle.

The last part of assembly will be to attach the seatpost to your seat, and then the seat to your cruiser. Start by inserting the seatpost into the seat post hole located on the bottom of the seat. Figs. 7A & 7B.

After the seatpost is inserted you will need to tighten the bolt on the side of the seatpost hole using the 14mm wrench. Figs. 7C & 7D. The seat angle can be adjusted by loosening this bolt and tilting the seat up or down. Make sure after finding desired seat angle the bolt is tightened to ensure your seat will not move during riding.

After the seatpost is tightened on to the seat, you will inseart the seatpost in to the frame of the bike. Fig. 7E. After finding the desired height of your seat you will use the alan wrench to tighten screw and securely fasten the seat to your curiser. Figs. 7F & 7G.

Once the seat is in place your cruiser will be fully assembled. The last step will be to remove all remaining packaging from the frame. Fig. 8A. Also, make sure to pump the tires, the tires will come partiarlly pumped but not entirely.

The only thing left to do is to take your brand new beach cruiser from for a ride!

Sizing Chart
Cruiser bicycles are measured in two ways. The first is by the outside diameter of the tire (a). Most adult bikes have a 26" diameter.

The second measurement refers to the frame size from the crank housing to the seat clamp (b). In other words, along the seat post tube top to bottom. This measurement is generally 19" for mens' bikes and 17" for womens' bikes. This measurement is less universal and varies depending on the manufacturer. To help you pick out the cruiser that will best fit you, follow the chart below.

Shipping Info & Store Pick-Ups

We ship using Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS. All sixthreezero cruisers ship via Fed Ex, Nirve ship via Fed Ex, Firmstrong ship via Fed Ex and Micargi ship via UPS. We estimate packages will arrive between 5 - 7 business days from the date the order was placed. For Christmas orders, pleasure refer to the ordering deadlines outlined above.

Once packages are delivered to the address specified by purchaser is no longer liable for any lost or stolen packages. Packages will be sent not requiring a signature for delivery unless otherwise specified by purchaser during checkout. To require a signature for delivery an additional charge of $2 will be added on to purchasers' total. After a package has shipped if the customer requires it to be re-routed to a different address the customer will be charged a $10 re-routing fee (A fee charged by our carriers). If a package is refused by the customer for whatever reason, the customer will be responsible to pay any additional shipping costs the carrier may charge for the return shipment of the package.

Please read before ordering for pick-up:Orders do not have to be placed online to purchase from our stores. The Los Angeles, San Diego, and Wesminster locations are all full retail stores and customers can always walk in and make a purchase. The online inventory is not fully reflective of what is currently in-stock at our stores, so please call before hand if there is a particular model you are looking for. We always recommend coming in to the store to browse our selection if you can, we have more models in our stores than we offer online.

Ordering for Pick-up
Ordering a bike for pick-up is a great option if you know what bike you want, and you want to ensure it will be ready upon your visit to the store. Orders can be placed online for pick-up at either our Los Angeles, CA or Wesminster, CA store locations. Orders can either be picked up assembled or unassembled. The price to purchase the bike assembled may include an additional assembly fee added to the order total. Prices online are reflective of the bicycle being shipped unassembled. Certain accessories can be picked up assembled, those items are baskets, child carriers and trailers, back racks, and grips. If you choose to pick any of these items up assembled or installed on your bicycle there will be an additional charge added on to your order. The fee varies based on the item, if you add the item to your shopping cart it will tell you the fee.

When orders are placed online for pick-up the credit card used will not be charged until the bicycle is picked up. This is to ensure everything is to the satisfaction of the customer before being charged. Please bring the card to the store that you used online. We understand that the purchaser will not always be present at the time of pick-up. In these instances we will need the person picking up the bike to have the credit card information in some form. We will need the credit card number, expiration date, and 3 digit security code from the back of the card. This is to ensure the safety of the customer and our stores.

Pick-up Completion Time
Pick-up orders will be ready in 5 7 business days from the date of purchase. (Plus one day for processing) Often pick-ups are completed sooner, but please do allow 5 7 business days for your bicycle to be ready. Of course our teams will do their best to speed up the process and get your order completed as soon as possible. As soon as your order is ready for pick-up someone from our team will be in contact to let you know your order is ready to be picked up. To check the status on pick-up orders please contact the store directly that you choose to pick your order up from.

Expedited Pick-up Option
We also offer an Expedited Pick-up Option for an additional fee. This ensures your order will be ready within three business days of the date of purchase. For bicycle pick-ups the cost is $20 per bicycle and for parts or accessory orders the cost is $5 per accessory or part. Pick-up orders can never be picked up the same day they are placed online, it takes at least one business day for the order to be processed. If you would like to purchase a bicycle that day, please come in to one of our stores and we will be glad to help you. Please note if you select the Expedited Pick-up Option and at the time of pick-up it is decided you want to change your order or cancel you will still be charged the corresponding Expedited Pick-up fee.

Picking Up
As noted above we will need the credit card or card information used online to place the pick-up order to be present at the time of pick-up. In addition, the person picking up the order will need the Order ID or Order Number, without one of these numbers we cannot release the bike to them.

Outstanding Pick-ups
Your order will be held in our stores for two weeks after the order was placed. If the item(s) are not picked-up within this time period your order will be canceled and your credit card will not be charged.

SunLite Cruiser (927) 26" x 2.125" Tire Black/Black
SunLite Cruiser (927) 26" x 2.125" Tire ...
Price: $14.99
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