January 01 2015

Hermosa Store (Open for Business)

May 01 2012

Hermosa Store (Pre-Renovation)

April 01 2012

Hermosa Store (Pre-Renovation)

April 2012 - 7 Years after Beachbikes was formed

In 2010, after much debate Dustin and Mike closed the San Diego store to focus their local store efforts on LA and Orange County area. Their goal was to open a store in the city that started it all, Hermosa Beach, CA.

Westminster Store

August 01 2008

Westminster Store Unfinished

August 2008 - 3.5 Years After Beachbikes was formed

In August 2008, Dustin and Mike opened the third Beachbikes location on Beach Blvd. in Westminster, CA. It was their first location in Orange County. After opening Westminster the next two years were busy for Beachbikes. Operating three stores plus shipping bikes all over the world. Mike and Dustin kept their vision of spreading the culture of the beach cruiser. They want as many people to experience the freedom and happiness a beach bike can bring.

Waner Brothers Studio

August 01 2007

San Diego Store

January 01 2007

Torrance Store

October 01 2006

Torrance Store

October 2006 - 1.5 Years After Beachbikes was formed.

Things ran smoothly and Beachbikes continued to grow. People from all over Southern California drove to their location to shop for cruiser bikes. It was becoming clear that Beach Bikes was the place to buy a beach cruiser.

The Warehouse

October 01 2005

The Original Garage

June 01 2005

The Original Garage

June 2005 - Three Months after Beachbikes was formed

Early in April 2005, by a twist of fate, Dustin called Mike to show him a gift he had just received from his girlfriend. It was a brand new beach bike, both were immediately in love... the comfort, the style, the ease of riding... and of course the lifestyle. It was everything they had been searching for. From that moment it became their purpose to spread the word about the beach bike. Within one week the business was formed, the first order was placed and bikes were delivered to Mike's garage in Hermosa Beach. Armed with only their passion and excitement, their first weekend "in business" they sold 15 bikes.