What Are the Best Cruiser Bicycles For Boys?

March 29 2017

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Wondering what the best gift is for a celebration? The greatest invention, a bike, because nothing says freedom and independence like a bicycle for a boy. If a holiday or birthday is approaching, or if you’re in the giving mood, a boy’s beach cruiser can be a wonderful choice if you wish to bond with the recipient, or be their favorite.

When choosing a boy’s beach cruiser, it is important to consider the age and height of the boy because they may outgrow the bike too quickly. It is recommended that you choose a bike a little bit taller than their intended height, so long as they’re comfortably on their tiptoes. For the itty bitty bruiser 2’10” to 3’8” tall, the tough single-speed FIRMSTRONG Mini Bruiser 16" with training wheels is ideal. Boys a bit bigger, about 3’2” to 4’4” tall, will dig the FIRMSTRONG Urban Boy because it glides smoothly and is simply cool. Boys nearing their teenage years, or nearing 5’, should consider adult cruisers for the most fulfilling cruises.

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