What's the Difference Between Men And Women’s Cruiser Bike Frames?

March 29 2017

Tagged in FAQs

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Uh-oh, your partner got a cruiser and now you’re slightly jealous because they’re having a lot of fun—without you. If you attempted to sneak in a ride while they were not looking, you may have been disappointed to learn that it just didn’t fit you correctly (if your partner is a different gender or height than you). That’s because a men’s cruiser bike frame and a women’s cruiser bike frame tend to differ in size. The thrill-seeking adventurer 7-speed FIRMSTRONG Urban Lady is only 13.5”, making it accessible for people 4’ to 5’1”. Most other beach cruisers for women however, have a 15” frame. In contrast, the towering, smooth-riding single-speed FIRMSTRONG Black Rock has a 19” frame, making it accessible to people 5’5” to 6’5”. Most other men’s cruisers have a 17.5” frame. Make sure you choose the right frame for your height so you can journey into bliss with your partner.

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