Discount Beach Cruisers To Get You Riding ASAP

March 29 2017

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The hunger to get a beach cruiser is real. It’s okay to admit if you’ve been eyeing cruisers as you pass bike shops or have several browser tabs open with potential bicycles. For some reason, you keep resisting the “confirm purchase” button, you feel like there is a better deal out there. Beachbikes proudly sells discount beach cruisers so that we can get more people out riding and enjoying life. A popular discounted cruiser is our efficient and chill single-speed sixthreezero Around the Block which can be used for commuting around the city or gliding through the boardwalk. Another popular cruiser is the single-speed sixthreezero Watermelon which is funky, fun and able to handle the streets. Both discount beach cruisers come with free shipping, as well as many other models in our inventory. We also often have killer sales during holidays to give you the best price. If we are feeling generous, we may even add a personal discount code to your purchase.

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