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Welcome to Beachbikes

Beachbikes create an experience for the rider, not just a mode of transportation. Our bikes are designed with comfort, aesthetics, and riding ease as being the most important design elements.

Beachbiking is something new, something different. We all know that riding a bike can get you from Point A to Point B but this makes the journey fun.

Ride along with us in the creation of a community of life enthusiasts who are passionate about living everyday to the fullest. Enjoy the benefits of one of the simplest and greatest inventions, the bicycle.


Professional Service

Easy Returns

Nationwide Shipping

Pick out the bike your like.
It’s shipped to you in this box.

Your bike arrives 85% assembled. The rest is easy.

Install the Pedals, Seat, Handlebars, & fine tune.

Everyone gets a mechanic to help with assembly.

Ride Specialist

Once you order your bike, you are assigned a Ride Specialist. They’ll be your personal riding experts. Ask them questions, discover new rides, or just chat with them about riding.

Meet our Ride Specialists

Forever Warranty

We are here to work with you for the long haul. Our Forever Warranty protects your bike forever. One, Five, or Thirty years, with our warranty, you’ll always be covered.

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Our Story

We started by selling five bikes out of our garage in Hermosa Beach, CA. Ten years later, Beachbikes has become a household name and we’ve shipped bikes to every part of the country.

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Take a Test Drive

Not sure which bike to purchase? No problem. We have a Take a Test Ride policy. If you don’t like the bike, or it’s not right for you, just let us know and we’ll pay for the return shipping. Still having a hard time deciding? Contact our Ride Specialist to help you find the perfect bike.

Test Ride Your Bike

The Beachbikes Store

Come shop our store and get a feel for the Beachbikes Experience. We have hundreds of bikes to choose from and a variety of accessories to customize your bike with. Come visit our store, take a test ride, and find the perfect bike.

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Meet our BeachBikes Mechanic, Marco. He’s here to help. Anything you need with assembly, repairs or installations, he’s your guy. Call or Email him, he’s always around.

(310) 982-2877

Assembly is Easy & Fun

Bikes come 85% assembled and the rest is easy. We’ve created multiple video tutorials and written step by step instructions to help you along the way. You’ll also be assigned a personal mechanic to guide you through the process.

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Worldwide Shipping

Our bikes can be shipped anywhere in the world, that’s right, the world. Japan, Australia, Africa, or Canada, we can get a Beachbike out to you in less than 7 business days.

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Come Ride With Us

This group meets in Hermosa Beach, CA, and they usually ride up The Strand to Manhattan Beach. There are plenty of stops along the way to grab drinks, eat, or play volleyball. If you don’t have a bike, that won’t be a problem. There are plenty of places to rent a bike for the day.

Join us on a Beachbike Ride

Our Commitment

Take your bike for a test ride, have access to your own mechanic, or talk with one of our ride specialists, our only goal is to share the Beachbikes Experience.

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Ride Like a Beach Biker

Ride with no hands, or no feet. Ride with a friend or even have that friend ride for you. Learn what it means to Ride Like a Beachbiker.

Ride like a Beach Biker

The Beachbikes Life

The Beachbikes Life is something different. It’s not just the way your bike rides or looks. It’s not just about the riding either. It’s a culture. It’s a life.

Live the Beachbikes Life