Damage Claims

Please submit all damage claims, including manufacturer defects, to:


Have damage or defects on your new bike?  No problem.  We're here to help and take care of you.  All we need is a photo/video and a description of the problem you are having.  Please submit damage claims to: 



Damage Claims

From Shipping

If a part of the bike sustains damage during transit, please submit a damage claim with a photo and we’ll determine how to best get your bike into perfect working condition.

Manufacturer's Defects

We offer support for any manufacturer’s defects. If your bike has a defect, please submit a damage claim to damageclaims@beachbikes.net within 14 days of receiving your bike. Our staff is always around, and we’ll respond to your claim within 24-48 hours. Most damages and defects can be resolved with a replacement part which we would ship under our own expense. Other issues can be resolved with the help of a local bike mechanic. If it is determined that a local bike mechanic is the best option, Beachbikes would be responsible for the cost of the repair.  

Allowable Damage

Allowable damage is any damage that does not affect the structural integrity of the bike or that does not hinder the bicycles' ability to function in a proper and safe manner.  Minor scratches, dents, or other body blemishes are not covered under warranty.  In extreme damage cases will may be able to send replacement parts, this will be determined on a case by case basis.  If you believe your bicycle has suffered damage that is greater than what we consider Allowable Damage, please follow the steps above to submit a damage claim.   

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