5 Fun Bike Ride Ideas For Any Beach City

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February 16, 2017
5 Fun Bike Ride Ideas For Any Beach City
5 Fun Bike Ride Ideas For Any Beach City
We get it, we’re spoiled. We live in a beach city where the corner of our eyes will inevitably catch a glimpse of the phenomenal vast blue ocean, where there is no shortage of good vibes (i.e. juice spots, spin cycle studios, vintage stores). Just because we’ve been made into a cliché doesn’t mean we need not revel in the perks of living in a beach city. And what better way to enjoy everything it has to offer than to experience it from a slow living perspective, riding bikes on the beach.


Scroll down to choose your next bike adventure near the beach.


Sunrise Ride

Your morning routine and feelings can set the tone for the rest of your day. Take a mellow bike ride after a morning tea and snack. Use this opportunity to make the ride into a moving meditation to clear your mind before the hustle and bustle wears you down. If you have time, park your bike and sit on the sand to meditate.


Support Locals Ride

There are so many amazing mom and pop shops that are often overlooked when we float through life in our own bubbles. Take the time to explore your neighborhood by dedicating a day of the week or month to meet local business owners. Invite some friends who ride coaster bicycles to grab a coffee from a local business then explore several shops to support local business.


Bar Hop Ride

Quite possibly the most exciting thing about living in a beach city is the abundance of restaurants and bars. Grab a group of people who ride bikes on the beach, like the sixthreezero Watermelon, and map out a bar crawl along the boardwalk and nearby streets. Remember to ride responsibly.


Workout Ride

If you notice that the energy at your work office is rather depressing, suggest a workout initiative. You can recommend the entire team ride bikes on the beach followed by yoga on the sand. By riding bikes like the FIRMSTRONG CA-520, you and your team can minimize stress which can then result in a better workflow.


Full Moon Ride

To feel connected to the universe, or to truly appreciate the marvels of nature, take a bike ride with a beach cruiser chopper, or a classic cruiser on a full moon night. The full moon will make your skin glow and it will reflect beautifully on the water. A soft, slow ride during a full moon will allow you to live in the moment and live life to the fullest.


However you wish to ride bikes on the beach, remember to move freely and to have fun. Sign up for our Mailing List below to get exclusive deals on products and more tips on biking.

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