A Helmet You’ll Want to Wear

July 31 2017
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You need to wear a helmet in order for it to do its job.  But why aren’t people wearing them?  There are roughly 1,000 bicycle-related fatalities every year.

That’s where the Thousand Bicycle Helmet comes in.  Thousand’s mission is to reinvent the bike helmet, so people would actually want to wear them.  They started a Kickstarter campaign and have raised $130,000 to date: $110,000 over their goal.  They’re currently offering 4 different styles including a limited “Stay Gold” edition only offered through this campaign.  By using environmentally-friendly alternatives and modern design, this is the helmet you’ll want to wear.

The added kicker to these helmets is their “PopLock.”  A secret top that you pop open and slide your lock through when locking your bike: a convenient way to store your helmet, so you don’t have to lug it around.

5 Benefits of Bike Riding

July 17 2015
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1. It Gets You Outside

Biking gets you outside in the fresh air and under the sun. It's an easy way to get your necessary Vitamin D intake. No matter where you live, there has to be natural beauty you can explore. You can bike by the beach, through the mountain or along trails. Get outside and experience a new part of your city.


2. It Helps You Stay Fit and Healthy

You can burn calories just by riding your bike at a moderate speed. You can also strengthen and tone your muscles, especially your calves, quads and glutes, due to the repetition of the pedaling motion. Biking doesn't put stress on your joints like other exercises can do, so almost anyone can do it. If you've stayed away from working out because of injuries or chronic pain, biking can be the perfect way to get back into it. 


3. It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Biking is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. When you bike, you don't produce any air pollution. Also, by not consuming fuel, bikes don't burn any nonrenewable resources.


4. It Saves You Cash

You can save a lot of money by biking as your mode of transportation. Your only expense is your bike and you're good to go. With gas prices on the rise, it's nice to not have to fill up your gas tank. Plus, more and more cities are focusing on becoming bike friendly, so using your bike as transportation is getting easier than ever.


5. It Increases Your Energy

A study published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics found that bike riding improved energy levels by 20% and decreased fatigue by 65%. When you bike, you're triggering the release of feel-good chemicals in your brain.

Poll For Men's Bikes

April 29 2015

Poll For Women's Bikes

April 29 2015

Customer Photos

April 10 2015

Here are some featured Beachbikers. Send in photos of you and your ride to be featured on the blog and other social media sites. 



     Adina Thiessen From Abbotsford, BC               Alex Broomfield From CO          Alica Ranahan From Oakland                         Alicia From Black Earth, WI


                                Amanda                                                       Amy Bonner From Vancouver, BC                        Andrew From Hawthorne, CA    


          Angelina Ozone From Park, NY                    Art & Marlene From Napier Hudson, FL                                        Ava


Beachbiker From Cedar Park, TX             Beachbiker From Chesapeake, VA                 Beachbikers from Heber City, UT                        Beachbiker From New Jersey


Beachbiker From Switzerland                      Brian & Debra From Flager Beach, FL                                    Brya From Brentwood, CA                                   Candace From Manhattan Beach, CA


         Caroline From Abbotsdord, B.C.                     Chelsea From Edmonton, AB                          Cheree From Erie, PA                                      Christelle From Santa Cruz, CA 


        Christina on Siesta Key Beach, FL                                Connie From Phoenix, AZ                                             Courtney From Waco, TX                                                Coy From Lakeland, FL 

Welcome to our new site.

March 26 2015
We have been working hard to put together this new site. Let us know what you think and as always send in your pictures of you and your ride.