Brand Info

Brands That We Carry

We’ve invested a lot of times into choosing the brands that we carry, and we’re very proud to share them with you.  Below is a list of the companies that we work with, and a little bio about them.


sixthreezero is a modern take on the classic cruiser.  The idea that lies behind their brand is that you can have a great bike, and you can have a brilliant design to it as well.   The components on sixthreezero cruisers are top of the line and are geared to make the ride as smooth as possible.  The saddles are a point of focus when creating the bikes, so that will contribute to a very comfortable ride.  Enjoy the contemporary color schemes and modern design of these bikes.


Firmstrong has been creating high quality and affordable bikes for the past decade.  From the classic frame design, to the incredible selection of colors and sizes, you’ll easily be able to find the perfect bike for you.  The focal point of Firmstrong is to provide each customer with a bike made just for them.  Each Firmstrong is made with high quality parts and a unique frame to provide a comfortable and smooth ride.