Our Process

Our Process

Buying a bike is easier than its ever been.  With our selection of bikes to choose from, and your personal Mechanic, you won’t run into any problems.  Here’s a breakdown of how our process works.

Purchase your Bike

Once you’ve selected the bike you want, you’ll have the option of adding our Forever Warranty. It’s $9.99 and will last forever.

Learn more about our Forever Warranty

Bike Upon Arrival

Once your bike arrives, go ahead and peak into the box.  It arrives 85% assembled.  In about 30 minutes, you’ll probably be able to start riding your new bike.

Your Own Personal Mechanic

Meet our Head Mechanic Marco.  He’s here to help.  Anything you need from assembly to repairs, he’s the person to talk to.  Call or email him, he’s always around.

(310) 803-9540


Build Your Bike

We’ve shot assembly videos and written step by step instructions to make building your new bike as easy as possible.  If you have a suggestion for an assembly video, send an email to inquiries@beachbikes.net.

Watch our Assembly Videos

We Assign You a Ride Specialist

Every customer is assigned their own Ride Specialist.  He/She should be in contact within a few days of receiving your bike.  Your Ride Specialist is always available if you ever need to find a new route, have questions about the ride, or just want to give feedback.  Call or email anytime you need anything.

(310) 803-9540


Test Ride Your Bike

Our goal is to ensure that you love your bike, and that’s why we insist that you take your bike for a test ride.  Once you receive it, take it for a spin, and if it’s not what you wanted, we’ll pay for the return shipping.  It’s that simple.  We guarantee to help you find the right bike.

Take your Bike for a Test Ride

Enjoy the Ride

Take your bike out and enjoy the ride. Kick your feet up and relax.  Ride every season of the year.  Just ride your bike and have fun doing it. 

You're Moving Free and Having Fun



Body Fit is a unique fitting experience that determines if this bicycle will fit your body.
We developed our own proprietary algorithm that will factor in your height and weight to each fitting answer. Our algorithm is concerned with making sure you are fitted to a bike that will provide you maximum comfort. Our number one goal is your comfort.
BodyFit ME
After entering your height and weight.
Click the BodyFit ME button.
If you see this box appear it means the bike is a perfect fit for your body.
Not a Fit
If you see this box appear it means the bike is not a fit for your body.
If this bike is not a fit, your body measurements will be saved in our system, so you can browse to other product pages and they will automatically tell you if they fit.