About Us

Meet the Beachbikes Team

We are committed to being the most customer oriented bicycle store in the US while selling quality, affordable bicycles that will last a lifetime. We will stand behind all of the bicycles we sell...forever. We are human beings who want to make sure we take care of others the way we'd want to be taken care of. Bicycles are more than just a possession, they are people movers that promote healthy, green living. We want to make sure we keep the bikes we sell moving forever.


Chief Beachbiker

Dustin is the Co-Founder and Chief Beachbiker at Beachbikes. A self proclaimed adventurer, explorer, dreamer and happiness advocate, he has always had a love for life. He loves being outdoors, being in the sun and traveling as much as possible. He's enjoyed riding his bike since his first childhood ride.

Dustin started Beachbikes with his partner Mike in 2005 with the goal of forming a community that supports the Beachbike lifestyle. The journey continues...


Favorite Bike Ride: Hermosa Strand

Favorite Bike: sixthreezero Mammoth

When I’m Not Riding: I’m at the beach, traveling, and being a ping-pong champion.


Experience Provider

Charlie is an important member of the Beachbikes team, in charge of all customer relations. Charlie is a native of Long Beach, CA where he lives one block from the ocean. He makes it a point to walk to the beach everyday even if only for a second or two. Charlie rides around on a sixthreezero In the Barrel that he customized himself. He enjoys particpating in the biking events around Los Angeles, events like Ciclivia and Long Beach Bike Marathon. Charlie wants to continue to be a part of the biking community as it continues to grow. His hope is more people turn to their bike as a means of fun and enjoyment instead of their smartphones.


Favorite Bike Ride: Long Beach Boardwalk 

Favorite Bike: sixthreezero Mammoth

When I'm Not Riding: I'm riding... oh, when I'm not riding... I'm riding


Creative Genius

Nate is just as described, a creative genius, a true visionary and creative mastermind. Nate is responsible for many of the incredible images, videos and other artistic elements on the Beachbikes website. A graduate of UCLA Nate's educational background is in numbers, Accounting to be exact, but his passion lies in creation and art. He could spend hours shooting and editing video for no other reason than he loves doing it.You can see from the picture at left Nate has an afro, and it's grown since this picture. We love it, he loves it and the people love it. Nate lives everyday like it's his last, and he has fun doing it.



Favorite Bike Ride: Hermosa Strand

Favorite Bike: sixthreezero Retro

When I’m Not Riding: I’m shooting photos, videos, and being creative


Experience Provider

Andra is the key Experience Provider at Beachbikes, making sure all of those in the Beachbikes Community enjoy their experience. A native of Southern California, Andra has always enjoyed being able to spend a day in the sun, making memories with friends & family, painting, and singing. Andra has always made it a goal to make sure people are taken care of, not just satisfied. Knowing people are enjoying their lives and doing the things they love is what brings Andra to work everyday.


Favorite Bike Ride: Shorline Pedestrian Bikepath

Favorite Bike: sixthreezero Scholar

When I’m Not Riding: I’m singing my heart out and being creative with oil paints.


Creative Genius

Luis is graphic designer at Beachbikes and is responsible for many of the artistic elements on the Beachbikes website. Has an eye for design, he keeps our website site looking fresh and up date. 


Favorite Bike Ride: Santa Monica Path

Favorite Bike: sixthreezero Cool Grey

When I'm Not Riding: I'm creating a clothing brand and developing new graphic  


Marketing Genius

Vicky is the social media guru at Beachbikes, making sure all the fellow Beachbikers are staying current on the happenings of the Beachbikes community. A native of Southern California, she has always enjoyed trips to the beach with her friends and family having a good time and making memories. Her goal is make Beachbikes a household name.


Favorite Bike Ride: Manhattan Beach Strand 

Favorite Bike: sixthreezero Paisley

When I'm Not Riding: I'm busy going on adventures, traveling the world, and trying new foods.



Marco has been a mechanic with Beacbikes for several years now and he loves fixing, building and working on bikes. He finds new ways to make assembly, repairs and installs as efficient and easy as possible. It's a process that he continually works on to improve. His goal is to educate anyone about the ins and outs of bicycles. Marco is originally from Carson, CA. He enjoys building motor bikes and is known around the shop as our bicycle engineer.


Favorite Bike Ride: Hermosa Strand

Favorite Bike: sixthreezero In the Barrel - Matte Black

When I’m Not Riding: Listening to Music and Dancing Hip-Hop