Come Ride with Us

Join Us On a Beach Bike Ride

Join us on a ride by the ocean to have fun, get a light exercise, and enjoy the weather.  Whether you live in the area, or you’re on vacation, we’d love to have you join us.  All types of bikes and riders are welcome to come along.  We just enjoy good company and having fun on our bikes.

Beachbikers Cruiser Bicycle Riding Group - Southbay, CA

We usually meet in Hermosa Beach, CA.  Our route usually runs through Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Marina Del Ray.  There are plenty of places to rent bikes if you don’t own one.  We mainly ride at a casual pace, but all bikes are still welcome to join us.


Beachbikers Cruiser Bicycle Riding Group - Huntington Beach, CA

We usually meet at the Huntington Beach pier.  We normally ride to either Newport Beach, or Seal Beach on the path right on the beach.  We like to stop at places to eat, and play volleyball if we can find an open court.  All riders welcome!


Beachbikers Cruiser Bicycle Riding Group - Phoenix, AZ

Come join us for a ride!  We’re still a small group riding beach cruisers in Phoenix, but we still love to get together and ride.  Help us grow this group!

Let's Start a Group in Your Area

Don’t have a riding group in your area?  No problem.  We know there are plenty of people looking for a group to ride with.  Just get in contact with a Ride Specialist (, and he/she will help organize a group, and we’ll be happy to sponsor it.  We can provide accessories and discounts on bikes to get you and your friends set up with bikes.  We’re open to your ideas about this, and we have plenty of ideas to share to get your group up and going.