Cruiser Tips

Enjoy Your Cruiser and Keep These Tips in Mind

Riding a Beachbike isn’t hard, but we still want to leave you with some tips to ensure a safe ride and proper maintenance of your bike.

  • Avoid leaving your beach cruiser out in the rain or outside overnight if possible.  The moisture and dew in the morning can contribute to rust on the chain.  Beachbikes are resistant to rust, but consistent exposure to moisture will develop rust on the exposed parts of the bike.

  • Also avoid sand getting into the chain and/or gears.  Sand will cause friction between the metal parts, and begin to wear your bike down.

  • Always make sure that your bike is locked up properly when you are going to leave it unattended.  That means that you should make sure that the wheel and frame are secured to the bike rack.  Many people often leave out the wheel, and front wheel theft has risen significantly due to this.  We recommend a U-Lock over all other locks as they are heavy-duty, and very hard to break through.

  • Obey all traffic laws and signs when riding your Beachbike.  Although most people already know to follow this, we just want make this an emphasis for the safety of rider, the people around him/her, and everyone else sharing the road.

  • Make sure to lubricate the seat springs, chain, and gears.  WD-40 will help to extend the life of these parts and allow them to work smoothly.

  • Lastly, have fun on your bike.  Make it a point to have fun every time you ride.  Do something new, something different whether you’re at the beach, on a sidewalk, or doing donuts in a parking lot.
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