Ride Like A Beachbiker

Ride Like a Beachbiker

We ride our bikes differently around here.  When you ride like a beachbiker, it’s not always just about getting from place to place.  We try to mix in a little bit of fun into every ride.  This is our take on how bike riding should be.  (Please keep safety in mind if you plan to try any of these positions during your ride.)

  • Superman

    Lay on your seat, lift your legs and catch some air. Cape not included

  • Livin' It

    Feet up in the air like you just don't care

  • Look Ma'

    Look Ma’. Ma’... Ma’... Look. No hands

  • Tight Rope

    It's all about the balance. Grab the handlebars and place your feet on the frame

  • Cruise Laxing

    Feet on the center of the handle bars, gain some speed and just relax

  • Handlebarrin’

    One bike, two riders, one handlebar, one seat, and a fun ride.

  • Hang Loose

    If you have a skateboard and want to hitch a ride, grab the backseat and glide.

  • Pommel Horse

    Unlock your inner olympian

  • Tandem

    The hard part is deciding who will pedal and who will sit

  • Adding Accessories To Your Beach Cruiser

    Comfort is key—in every situation. If you value tranquility above all, it is essential that your bike riding experience be no exception. Our beach cruisers are made to deliver smooth and comfortable rides so that you can live life to the fullest, soaking in every moment while riding. To make the experience more convenient, we have a slew of beach bike accessories, such as bells, horns, streamers, racks, baskets, helmets, pumps, child seats, lights, locks, and more, to add to your cruiser. For example, the Nantucket Rear Pet Carrier can help relieve those with separation anxiety from their small furry companions, or the Kroozie Cup holder can accommodate just about anyone with a coffee addiction that requires their cup of joe on the road. All beach bike accessories can easily be installed to get you riding the most optimal way.

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  • How To Choose The Right Brakes For Your Bicycle

    Whether you will ride casually through boardwalks or on busy streets, should there be a need to react quickly, you should feel totally comfortable that your braking system will not fail you. When choosing a bike, be aware of your riding style and needs to identify the brakes that will suit you best, such as terrains, experience, habits, and perhaps paranoia versus chill vibes. If you prefer a coaster brake because it is low-maintenance but do not feel 100% safe with them, you can add a caliper brake to the front brake with your bike order. If you prefer a bicycle that has brakes on its beach cruiser handlebars, many 7-speed bikes like the powerful FIRMSTRONG Bruiser and the charming sixthreezero Ride in the Park have handbrakes for your use.

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  • Why The Bella Is A Favorite Among Our Customers

    Rarely does a bike come close to perfection, but the FIRMSTRONG Bella sure does. Created with functionality, comfort, and fashion in mind, the Bella bike runs smoothly in versatile environments. FIRMSTRONG has created several versions of the Bella bike to best accommodate riders according to their preference and height. For the adventurous spirit who needs extra control, the Bella Classic 7 Speed is most ideal while the Bella Classic Single Speed is suitable for the simple low-maintenance rider. There is also another Bella Classic Single Speed that fits growing kids, teens, or short adult women from 4’ to 5’2”. All versions look and feel classic, delivering a solid experience.

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  • Choosing the Right Tires For Your Beach Cruiser

    The day you become the owner of a beach cruiser is a very exciting day. We celebrate you, and we also want to remind you that it can be uniquely yours through customization. From the frame color to decals, to adding accessories, a cruiser can accommodate your taste. However, it is important to consider your bike riding needs when choosing or creating your bicycle. To guarantee a ride that you prefer, examine different beach cruiser tires for your cruiser. There are options such as the standard 26” DB-1012 in Black with White Walls or 26” HF-107 in multiple colors. Other beach cruiser tires include 26” HF-120A and 26” HF-133 which serve different purposes for different terrain.

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  • Training Wheels For Beach Cruisers

    Family outings can be a wee bit more fun when the whole gang rides bicycles together, so it’s important to consider children’s safety for such an activity. When choosing a beach cruiser for a child, make sure their tip-toes can reach the floor when sitting on the bike. Depending on the rider’s experience, you may prefer a bicycle with beach cruiser wheels. You can add training wheels to any bike up to 20” or get a smooth-riding cruiser with training wheels like the FIRMSTRONG Mini Bella Girl. Be aware that the axle on a bike may be too short for the training wheels and adjustment needed which may require you visit a bike a shop for proper installation. It’s never too early to enjoy every moment—get riding.

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  • Health Benefits of Bicycle Riding: What Studies Say

    Bicycles are hands-down one of man’s greatest inventions. While street bicycles provide an ethereal experience and endless joy, they simultaneously provide substantial health benefits too. Studies have shown that bike riding can be a contributor for better population health as there are correlations between cycling and improvement of cardiovascular risk factors. Other benefits include increased stamina, increased aerobic and cardiovascular fitness, increased joint mobility, decreased body fat, increased posture and coordination, and prevention of disease, so keep riding.

    If you are having trouble committing to a health and fitness regimen, cycling is the golden ticket to a healthy lifestyle. While many fitness activities are intimidating because of the apparatuses used or strenuous movement, cycling is a low-impact sport, meaning there is less of a strain and less possibility of injuries than many other sports. However, if you wish to have a more physically demanding experience, you can simply build up the intensity with multi speed cruiser bikes, mountain bikes, or road bikes by speeding up, riding uphill, or trailing various terrains. A perk to intensifying your ride is that you use all your major muscles so you strengthen your muscles while getting a full body workout. Along with putting little stress on joints, cycling is also ideal for those with bone injuries. For the most optimal results and improving health issues, studies recommend people ride each day for at least 30 minutes.

    Health issues that are improved with daily riding include:


    Studies have shown an inverse relationship between cycling and cancer mortality and morbidity. Riding a bike has been linked to decreasing the chances of colon cancer and breast cancer, or reducing the cancers impact.


    One in five children is obese in the United States, a major increase since the 1970s. Obesity can put children at risk for asthma, type 2 diabetes, and chronic health issues, as well as increase their chance of being obese in adulthood. Currently, more than 68 percent of adults are obese or overweight in the United States. Cycling raises your metabolic rate, builds muscle, and burns body fat, so make it a family tradition to ride a beach cruiser with your kids or young relatives.


    Cruiser style bicycles, known for leisure and comfort, yet still physically demanding, can lower the risk of developing diabetes. A study showed that cycling 30 minutes a day decreased the risk of developing diabetes by 40 percent. Those who want to drift along nice scenery but get their bodies moving will enjoy a cruiser.

    Mental Health

    The physical aspect of cycling is only partial of all benefits. Riding street bicycles regularly improves mental health as well by reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. Plus, being out in nature, enjoying the moment, releasing endorphins is an instant revitalization.

    Move freely and to the fullest, while treating your body well, by cycling more often. Not only will you reap physical and mental benefits, but you will also be able to commute on your bicycle, making yourself more efficient and aware of your surroundings.

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  • Getting To Know Our Bikes: Where Beachbikes Are Made

    There’s nothing quite like the freedom that comes from cruising down a boardwalk, along a scenic path, or in the middle of a city. The clarity and happiness that comes from feeling the wind kiss your face is invaluable, therefore we make sure to give you the optimal experience with quality bikes. In fact, Beachbikes has plenty of custom beach cruisers for sale so that you can choose the best fit to ensure the best rides.

    All of the bikes we carry are carefully designed in Southern California and partially manufactured in China. We are proud to carry popular and much-loved beach cruiser brands sixthreezero and FIRMSTRONG. Designed in Los Angeles to reflect the culture, sixthreezero embodies classic and cool with its laid-back and artistic frame. Designed in Hermosa Beach, FIRMSTRONG captures slow living by the beach with its comfort and functionality.

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  • What Are the Best Cruiser Bicycles For Boys?

    Wondering what the best gift is for a celebration? The greatest invention, a bike, because nothing says freedom and independence like a bicycle for a boy. If a holiday or birthday is approaching, or if you’re in the giving mood, a boy’s beach cruiser can be a wonderful choice if you wish to bond with the recipient, or be their favorite.

    When choosing a boy’s beach cruiser, it is important to consider the age and height of the boy because they may outgrow the bike too quickly. It is recommended that you choose a bike a little bit taller than their intended height, so long as they’re comfortably on their tiptoes. For the itty bitty bruiser 2’10” to 3’8” tall, the tough single-speed FIRMSTRONG Mini Bruiser 16" with training wheels is ideal. Boys a bit bigger, about 3’2” to 4’4” tall, will dig the FIRMSTRONG Urban Boy because it glides smoothly and is simply cool. Boys nearing their teenage years, or nearing 5’, should consider adult cruisers for the most fulfilling cruises.

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  • Discount Beach Cruisers To Get You Riding ASAP

    The hunger to get a beach cruiser is real. It’s okay to admit if you’ve been eyeing cruisers as you pass bike shops or have several browser tabs open with potential bicycles. For some reason, you keep resisting the “confirm purchase” button, you feel like there is a better deal out there. Beachbikes proudly sells discount beach cruisers so that we can get more people out riding and enjoying life. A popular discounted cruiser is our efficient and chill single-speed sixthreezero Around the Block which can be used for commuting around the city or gliding through the boardwalk. Another popular cruiser is the single-speed sixthreezero Watermelon which is funky, fun and able to handle the streets. Both discount beach cruisers come with free shipping, as well as many other models in our inventory. We also often have killer sales during holidays to give you the best price. If we are feeling generous, we may even add a personal discount code to your purchase.

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  • What's the Difference Between Men And Women’s Cruiser Bike Frames?

    Uh-oh, your partner got a cruiser and now you’re slightly jealous because they’re having a lot of fun—without you. If you attempted to sneak in a ride while they were not looking, you may have been disappointed to learn that it just didn’t fit you correctly (if your partner is a different gender or height than you). That’s because a men’s cruiser bike frame and a women’s cruiser bike frame tend to differ in size. The thrill-seeking adventurer 7-speed FIRMSTRONG Urban Lady is only 13.5”, making it accessible for people 4’ to 5’1”. Most other beach cruisers for women however, have a 15” frame. In contrast, the towering, smooth-riding single-speed FIRMSTRONG Black Rock has a 19” frame, making it accessible to people 5’5” to 6’5”. Most other men’s cruisers have a 17.5” frame. Make sure you choose the right frame for your height so you can journey into bliss with your partner.

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  • Do Beachbikes Come Assembled or in a Box?

    You’ve just purchased your cruiser with custom cruiser bicycle parts online, now what? If you’re worried about pulling your hair while attempting to assemble the bike yourself, know that it really isn’t too bad. When you purchase a sweet, head-turning machine like the single-speed sixthreezero Teal, you will only have to make minimal adjustments for it to be the perfect companion. Beachbikes are 80% assembled when they arrive by mail. You only have to attach handlebars, seat, pedals, and the front wheel—that is unless you decide to add accessories such as a basket or cup holder. The easy-to-use tools required to assemble it are Allen Wrenches and a Phillip Screw Driver, which are provided in the package. If you happen to live near Torrance or are in the area, you can just scoop up your bike, assembled, at no extra cost

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  • Why The sixthreezero In The Barrel Is The Best

    Choosing the right beach cruiser is no easy task. It takes commitment and trust in a brand. As there are endless options available on the Interweb, how do you know which 3 speed cruiser bike or single speed cruiser is the best on the market? Hands-down, sixthreezero is at the top. You’re welcome.

    If you are looking for a hip, laid-back, easy machine to use around a boardwalk or city, then the single-speed sixthreezero In The Barrel is your best friend. This bike is extremely popular among the bike community, and often out of stock—understandably so as it has a classic look and feel, as well as a super cool design that makes for incredible journeys.

    Those who wish to have more control and versatile riding options, a 3 speed cruiser bike is recommended. The awesome 3-speed sixthreezero In The Barrel is a well-cushioned and reliable machine that slows down time and lets you enjoy the moment.

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  • How To Purchase Beachbikes If You’re In Europe

    So you’re browsing the Interweb and feeling a bit head-over-heels with the Beachbiker life. You want in, you want to buy bicycles, we get it—but you’re located in Europe and well, we’re in the U.S. No problem. As our company grows, we want to make sure our beloved products are globally available in retail shops, but for now, we can ship products to Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia, and South America. For those who want to buy bicycles, like the mellow and classic 3-speed FIRMSTRONG Chief Lady or the cool and retro single-speed FIRMSTRONG Urban LRD, and reside in Europe, your shipping quote will be around $50 to $100, and it will be determined after you input your shipping address. The shipment will take approximately 10 to 20 business days after purchase for your enjoyment.

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  • How To Give Your Bike A Thorough Inspection Before Riding

    Just as you need regular checkups, your bicycle needs a thorough routine inspection, too. Even if you are a seasoned rider or have taken an interest in road bikes for beginners, and whether you are about to embark on a demanding journey or simply commuting to work, it is best to briefly inspect your bike to ensure a safe ride.

    While not every aspect of your bike must be checked each time your ride, as it would during a tune-up, there are some basic precautions to take before getting on the road or terrain.


    If you’re borrowing a bike or your bike has been collecting dust, be sure it is the right fit before you take off. There needs to be at least 1-2 inches of clearance for road bikes, and 2-3 inches for mountain bikes between your crotch and the bar.


    It is an absolute must to test out your brakes prior to each ride. Squeeze the front and rear brake levers or pedal backward, depending on your bike, to confirm they work. The cushy single-speed sixthreezero Around the Block provides an easy and intuitive braking system suitable for beginners, or for those who wish to have freedom from confusing wiring and parts.


    Get in the habit of checking your tires so that you don’t get a flat on the road. If there are cracks or wear on your tires, consider changing the tires soon. You want properly inflated tires at all times so carry your patch kit and pump with you when you ride.


    Protect your joints by adjusting the seat height and position. When your feet are parallel to the ground, your knee needs to be directly over the center of your front pedal. The sixthreezero In the Barrel is a smooth-riding and awesome bike with customizable cruiser bike parts that allow you to position yourself for the ultimate comfort.


    Take a quick glance at your beach cruiser frame to spot any cracks or damage that may interfere with your ride. Never ride if there is damage.


    Examine chains on road bikes for beginners and all other bikes. The chain should be lubricated and clean to guarantee easier shifts and a smoother ride.


    Bikes with gears must be looked over. To do so, turn the crank, then shift through all the gears to see if the chain jumps a gear on the rear cassette, indicating a need for a change in gears. A reliable and functional cruiser with gears is the FIRMSTRONG Bella Classic 7 Speed that will make the gear check effortless.

    A thorough examination is worth the time spent as it will likely assure an effortless ride, giving you more freedom to enjoy the moment. Sign up for our Mailing List below to get exclusive deals on products and more tips on biking.

  • What Are the Best Priced Custom Bikes Online?

    A bicycle ride can instantly uplift you when you’re feeling stressed, glum, or irritated, because you get a little serotonin and dopamine boost when cycling. Not only are you releasing happy chemicals when you drift around the town, but you also benefit your cardiovascular health. We recommend a ride a day to keep the doctor away—consider discount road bikes to be your best companion.

    Beachbikes offers the best prices on custom bikes found online and often has sales. A favorite customizable cruiser is the beefy 3-speed FIRMSTRONG Bruiser that accommodates the every-day-leisure man. Another all-time favorite customizable bike is the sleek, low maintenance single-speed FIRMSTRONG Urban Lady that is designed for ultimate fun.

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  • How To Choose The Best Frame For Your Bike

    You’ve got the craving to explore, so you’re ready to hop on a bike and journey into sweet freedom. However, you may be stuck when choosing a frame for a single speed road bike or multi-speed cruiser that best fits your needs.

    Depending on your goals and preference in riding, you have to figure out which type of frame will benefit you most. While a steel frame on a bicycle provides a more comfortable ride and is more durable than an aluminum frame, an aluminum frame is heavier and more rigid, giving the bike enthusiast that extra control for serious riding. The strong mechanics of the sixthreezero EVRYjourney is perfectly designed for the weekend trek, while a single speed road bike or the smooth-riding single-speed FIRMSTRONG Urban Man Alloy is made for comfortable commutes in the city.

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