Ride Like A Beachbiker

Ride Like a Beachbiker

We ride our bikes differently around here.  When you ride like a beachbiker, it’s not always just about getting from place to place.  We try to mix in a little bit of fun into every ride.  This is our take on how bike riding should be.  (Please keep safety in mind if you plan to try any of these positions during your ride.)

  • Superman

    Lay on your seat, lift your legs and catch some air. Cape not included

  • Livin' It

    Feet up in the air like you just don't care

  • Look Ma'

    Look Ma’. Ma’... Ma’... Look. No hands

  • Tight Rope

    It's all about the balance. Grab the handlebars and place your feet on the frame

  • Cruise Laxing

    Feet on the center of the handle bars, gain some speed and just relax

  • Handlebarrin’

    One bike, two riders, one handlebar, one seat, and a fun ride.

  • Hang Loose

    If you have a skateboard and want to hitch a ride, grab the backseat and glide.

  • Pommel Horse

    Unlock your inner olympian

  • Tandem

    The hard part is deciding who will pedal and who will sit