Our Bikes

Our Bikes

We’ve tested and approved all of the bikes that we carry.  Firmstrong and sixthreezero are leaders in the cruiser industry and have created truly unique and great products.  Everything from the seat to the gearing sets these apart from all other bikes.


This is probably the most important part of the bike.  It’s definitely the one that you’ll notice the most.  Although the bike isn’t built around the seat, it’s given a lot of consideration when the designing the bikes.


The handlebars allow the rider to sit in an upright position relaxing the rider’s arms and back.  They are set to be about shoulder width apart, and swoop back to make the ride easy and smooth.


The frames of our bikes are both classic and practical.  It’s taken years of research and experimentation to blend design and comfort in our bikes.  The up-right design allows for comfortable long distance rides.                                                                         


The wide balloon tires make the riding smooth and easy.  They have a natural suspension, protecting you from minor bumps in the road.


Fenders protect you from road spray thrown up by the tires.  They also add a nice design element. 

Smooth Riding

Our bikes are designed to ride like butter. It's like mom's family recipe. We'll never give away the secret.


Keep your back straight and ride upright.  It's comfortable and sore backs aren't an issue with our bikes.