5 Tips On How To Become A Mountain Biker

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August 24, 2017
5 Tips On How To Become A Mountain Biker
5 Tips On How To Become A Mountain Biker

You want to ride like the wind, get in tip-top shape, roll over rocks and climb hills, and enjoy the fame, money, and success that comes with being a pro cyclist. Or you just want to navigate your local trails without crashing on a hybrid mountain bike. Whatever the reason is for getting into this advanced type of cycling, here are five tips on how to become a mountain biker:

1. Properly Maintain Your Bike

Whether you purchase a brand new Firmstrong Black Rock Single Speed hybrid bike or second hand mountain bike, it’s critical to properly maintain your ride. Your body and your hybrid mountain bike ride in step. If one is not in the best of shape, the other will have to more than make up for it. As such, your bike should be thoroughly inspected before you begin your mountain biking journey. If you aren’t an expert at bike mechanics, take it to your local bike shop to have it inspected.

2. Ride with Better Riders Than Yourself

Not only will you enjoy riding with your more experienced friends, but it will help you to push yourself a little harder. Additionally, it will help you learn better biking habits. Scrutinize how they position their bodies and bikes while going up or downhill or how they handle rocky and rough terrain. Don’t be afraid to ask for some pointers!

3. Relax

When riding the trails, the best suspension that you have is your arms and legs. Stand up straight, relax, and allow your limbs to fully absorb the bumps along the trail. Once you learn to move as one with your bike, you’ll be able to seamlessly glide over most obstacles.

It also helps to relax your grip on the handlebars. Hold on firmly but not too tightly. A white-knuckle death grip can severely impact your forearms and cause them to tire out sooner.

4. Take a Brake

Learn how to properly brake. Better braking enables you to have better control of your bike. Learn how to use both of your brakes efficiently, including the front and rear brake.

Never slam on your brakes, feather them. This will help you to better control the speed of your bike while riding and stopping when you want to.

5. Use Your Body Weight

You should never be sitting static on your hybrid mountain bike. This is especially true if you’re riding over really rugged terrain. Over time, you will get better at moving your body while riding.

Whether you’re looking for a beach cruiser like the Firmstrong Bruiser or the sixthreezero EVRYjourney , Beach Bikes has the perfect bike for you.

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