Adult Bikes: Social Influencers

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May 12, 2017
Adult Bikes: Social Influencers
Adult Bikes: Social Influencers

Riding a bike as a kid was the best feeling ever, wasn’t it? Not a care in the world, just you and the open road. As adults, we can get wrapped up in our social responsibilities, so much so that we neglect feeling fulfilled by the little things. That is why professionals and influencers who ride adult bikes are so admirable--they don’t lose touch with their childlike essence. Fortunately, these folks are out in the public eye promoting adult bikes, influencing others to embrace their youthful spirits via their media presence. Social media, which has proven endlessly to be a powerful tool for motivation, takes the cake as the best medium to reach people.

Fall in love with a few cycling influencers that are doing the damn thing and having fun while sharing it online.

Mae Elizabeth @maeelizabethg

Marketer, writer, photographer, cyclist, and model, Mae beautifully shares the cycling world through her eyes (and lens). This blogger’s personality shines through her social media presence as it has a glamorous twist to cycling and outdoor sport. You can catch Mae and her friends riding adult bikes in nature and in cycling races on her Instagram that racks up 43k followers.

Mamoru Kanai @mamotoraman

Tokyo-based cyclist, Mamoru, busts wheelies throughout the city while his photographer friend shoots him in an Instagram-worthy frame. The cyclist’s profile, which has over 43k followers, captures the soul of cities and their culture. The coolest (and cutest) thing about this art is that a lightweight cruiser bike aka “mom bike” with a basket and child seat is ironic in contrast to the tricks he performs.

Taylor Phinney @TaylorPhinney

Professional cyclist, Taylor Phinney, has one entertaining Instagram feed. From racing photos to professional style photos, to picturesque nature shots to delicious grub, you will instantly want to become his best friend (which makes sense since he has over 90k followers).

Sam Polcer @preferredmode

An interesting take on fashion, Sam photographs stylish people on adult bikes throughout New York City. His photographs encapsulates the spirit of the city and all its magic while reminding viewers how much cooler they look riding an adult cruiser bike.

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