Advantages Of A Beach Cruiser With Gears Over A Single-Speed Bike

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February 16, 2017
Advantages Of A Beach Cruiser With Gears Over A Single-Speed Bike
Advantages Of A Beach Cruiser With Gears Over A Single-Speed Bike

Want to start a heated debate? Bring up single-speed vs geared bikes—that will bring you some fleeting entertainment. The biking world can be very divided between choosing a three-speed cruiser bike and a single-speed beach cruiser, but we will just say that you may have more fun with a beach cruiser with gears.

Why Are We Dissing Single-Speed Bikes?

We’re not. Here at Beachbikes, we sell a variety of cruiser bikes, like the sixthreezero Around the Block bike, to fit different needs and different personalities. Actually, we’re fond of single-speed beach cruisers because they’re lightweight, simple, and affordable. However, being less versatile and limited to a single speed can be stifling for the free spirit. We’re also not the biggest fans of huffing and puffing from unnecessary exhaustion due to excessive uphill pedaling.

What’s the Big Deal With Geared Bikes?

Okay, it might not make sense that a company that values comfort and ease would suggest you work a little bit harder to get the most fulfilling ride. But, the beauty of a beach cruiser with gears is that it keeps you in the present moment as you adapt your gears to the terrain and your environment. Don’t worry, beach cruisers with gears like the sixthreezero In the Barrel 7 Speed and the FIRMSTRONG Bella Fashionista 3 Speed are still laid-back enough for you to move freely and to have fun. Multi-geared bikes also allow for pedaling efficiency, which in effect withstands many surfaces, hills, and all seasons.

Can This Get Even Sweeter?

Yes. You may be content knowing that your single speed beach cruiser feels convenient for you as an urban dweller, cramped up in a tiny overpriced apartment, or as a suburban rider with a fixed routine. Simplicity is great after all. Beach cruisers with gears can also provide this simplicity, but can twofold increase your joy with limitless opportunities for experiences. Having a beach cruiser with gears will give you the freedom and mobility to partake in escapades when you need a city living or suburban living detox. With a beach cruiser with gears, you can live life to the fullest and you can ride like a beachbiker (check out that Superman!) when you want an adrenaline rush.

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