Best Bike Tours For Singles

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June 27, 2017
Best Bike Tours For Singles
Best Bike Tours For Singles

So you want to get out on your own and see the world while getting the chance to meet new people? A bike tour for singles on comfy and fashionable women’s cruiser bikes is the ideal way to travel while potentially meeting the love of your life. If you’re ready to get out there for the solo adventure of a lifetime, here are the best bike tours for singles as well as some tips on how to plan, pack, and prepare.

Choose a Location

Do you want to check out the sunny coasts of So-Cal on men’s cruiser bicycles or trek through the European countryside on two wheels? Gather maps, route info, or look for a guided tour company that will do all of the legwork for you.

Choose a Bike

There are tons of amazing women’s cruiser bikes available on our site, including the Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed and one of our top sellers, the Firmstrong Bella Classic. Both bikes have exactly what you need for a nice, cushioned, and comfortable ride.

If you’re seeking the best cruiser bikes for men, look no further than our vast selection of men’s bicycles, including the sixthreezero EVRYjourney and the Firmstrong Bruiser Single Speed Men’s Beach Cruiser.

Pack Accordingly

It’s critical to choose the right gear for your tour. Make a list of everything you’ll need well before your trip. If you plan on camping, pack just the necessities, such as a tent, food, and cantina. Remember – you’ll be carrying all of your gear on your bike, so it’s important to be minimalistic and pack just the items you need, not all of the ones that you may want.


This is one of the most important parts of your solo tour prep. Make sure you’re ready to spend plenty of time in the saddle on your new bike. Try to mimic the terrain of your planned route, whether it is hills, flats, or busy roads. It’s good to know what it feels like so that you’re prepared.

Now that you are packed and prepared for your trip, here are some great routes to consider for your bike tour:


Discover the dusty trails, cool oases, and robust history of Morocco. For the ultimate “Arabian Nights” experience, spend a couple of days in the vibrant towns this country boasts for great dining and nightlife options.

Santa Barbara, California

Step into beautiful wine country! If you’re a wine lover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see all of the vineyards, restaurants, and bars that cater to your interest. Be sure to check out the unique Danish-inspired town of Solvang to savor juicy world-class wines.

Coast and Castles

Discover a wonderful five-day tour that snakes from Newcastle to Edinburgh. You’ll discover castles, abbeys, forests, and fun-filled European cities ripe with new people.

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