Biking With Your Dog: Ideas, Tips, And Safety

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August 24, 2017
Biking With Your Dog: Ideas, Tips, And Safety
Biking With Your Dog: Ideas, Tips, And Safety

Are you a cyclist? Do you own a dog? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then there may have been a time when you felt guilty about going out to pedal in gorgeous weather while your dog stayed inside at home. If this describes you, maybe you should consider bringing your pooch along for the ride. Here are a few basic tips and tricks to get your pet ready to join in on the action with the best beach cruiser bikes:

Getting Fido Ready

If your furry friend has the stamina and energy to trot alongside of your cruiser beach bike, such as the sixthreezero EVRYjourney or the sixthreezero Around the Block , then great! But if your dog isn’t in the best shape, it’s important to check with your vet before starting a new exercise routine. You want to ensure that your pet doesn’t have any underlying health issues that could worsen due to strenuous exercise.

Once Fido has been cleared by his doctor to exercise, it’s time to buy the proper gear. Essentials include a body harness, a brightly hued reflective vest, a non-tangling lead, a portable water bowl, blinking lights for both your dog and your beach bike with gears, and a small first aid kit in case anything happens when you’re out for your ride.

Getting Your Dog Used to Riding

If your dog isn’t familiar with the best beach cruiser bikes, start off by walking the bike along with the dog – one on either side of you. This will get him acquainted with your ride. If possible, walk on paths that are soft, such as dirt or grassy paths.

As you take your dog and bike out on these treks, use commands that you will be using for biking, such as ones for stopping, slowing down, making turns, and bringing your dog’s attention back to you if he gets distracted.

In the beginning, don’t assume that your pet can run alongside you for long distances. He needs to get acclimated to this new exercise routine. Start off by riding your bike at a walking speed for short distances. Pedal at a pace that enables your dog to keep up easily. During the ride, take periodic breaks and remember to give your dog lots of praise for being an excellent biking partner.

Additional Tips

*Be mindful of rough terrain as it can wear on your dog’s paw pads

*During hot weather, only take your dog out during cooler parts of the day, such as the early morning or dusk

*If it’s hot out, bring a damp, cool towel and plenty of water for both you and your dog

*Avoid biking on busy roads and stick to bike trails

Biking with your dog on the best beach cruiser bikes can be fun. Just remember to stay safe and hydrated!

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