Choosing The Right Women’s Cruiser As A Gift

May 12, 2017
Choosing The Right Women’s Cruiser As A Gift
Choosing The Right Women’s Cruiser As A Gift

A bike as a gift is pretty much the best thing ever (aside from puppies and chocolate). Knowing how awesome it feels to receive, put in your good karma and gift your lady friend or family member a cruiser for whatever occasion inspires a gift. If you are on-board with this idea, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing a bike for someone else. For starters, it’s best to distinguish the perceived goals of the rider. Those who are all about slow living and low-maintenance will be fine with a single speed cruiser, whereas those who you believe will seek adventure and who you imagine will tackle several terrains will be better off with a women’s beach cruiser with gears. Another important factor to consider is aesthetics. Identify if your recipient likes a classic and simple like chrome or another one-tone cruiser, or if they prefer a fun and artistic one like the teal and cream women’s beach cruiser with gears.

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