Cycling With Toddlers And Young Kids, Safety Guide

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May 26, 2017
Cycling With Toddlers And Young Kids, Safety Guide
Cycling With Toddlers And Young Kids, Safety Guide

As a new mother, many women find themselves seeking out physical activities to stay healthy and motivate their children to become interested in an active lifestyle. Toddlers and parents alike can enjoy the simple pleasures of cycling. With the proper safety tips, information, and an ultra-comfy kids cruiser bike, you can whip yourself into shape while spending some quality time with your children.

Safety Tools of the Trade

Most states require children to wear a kids bike helmet

Child’s Bike Helmet – The first, and most important, piece of equipment you will need to purchase is a bike helmet for your child. Medical research has proven that a helmet can prevent most head injuries while cycling.

Child Bike Seat – If your toddler is under a certain age, they must be able to sit up fully and support their heads while riding on a bike. A child’s bike seat will attach to the back of your cycle and are suitable for kids less than 40 pounds.

Bike Trailer – This is a popular transportation method for children that are under six years of age. A bike trailer effortlessly hooks to the back of your bike, are stable, and simple to steer. Even if you fall, your child will not.

Bikes for Kids

If you want to get your child into cycling, you initially have to teach them how to ride a bike. There are tons of cruiser bikes for kids to choose from, depending upon your child’s age and riding ability.

Trailer Bike – A trailer bike enables your son or daughter to feel independent, though they are still relying on you for control and balance. This option is best for kids ages four to seven years of age.

Balance Bike – This bike is equipped with just wheels and a frame and doesn’t include a chain or pedals. It teaches young kids to steer and to keep their balance.

Training Wheels Bike – These bikes give children the boost of confidence they need to start riding on their own. Once a child learns how to ride, the training wheels can be removed.

Kids Cruiser Bike – There are tons of great brands of kids beach cruiser bikes available that cater to children. The Firmstrong Bella Classic Girls bike, a 20-inch beach cruiser equipped with an easily adjustable frame and in a plethora of chic colors your daughter is bound to love.

The Firmastrong Urban Boys bike has that “tough guy” look your son will adore. With red tires and a flat black body, this bike is sure to turn all of the neighbors’ heads as he comfortably cruises down the street.

Bike Meet Ups for Parents

After you’ve mastered riding with your child, or they’ve mastered riding their own kids cruiser bike, why not meet up with some other parents for some fun in the sun? There are tons of bike meet-ups for parents available around the country. Perform a simple Internet search for a meet up near you or organize your own!

As a new parent, it’s easy to cultivate a love for cycling within your child and to find other parents to bike with. Sign up for our Mailing List below to get exclusive deals on products and more tips on biking. Move free, have fun.

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