How To Find The Right Kids Beach Cruiser

Choosing a Bike
February 16, 2017
How To Find The Right Kids Beach Cruiser
How To Find The Right Kids Beach Cruiser

One day your baby is nearly bursting your eardrums with bewildering cries, the next they are receiving a college diploma. Time flies, this is true. So, parents hold on to eve-ry moment with your kiddos.

A way to create lasting and fulfilling memories is to convert Sunday-Funday into family cycling day. Whether you want to guide your kid(s) around the block or invite the whole fam to ride on the boardwalk, riding beach cruisers will be a lot of fun for everyone. Naturally, everyone might need a pick-me-up while riding so we are not judging if you need to indulge in a sweet mid adventure treat. To get this family outing (and soon-to-be tradition) started, let us share tips on how to find the right kids beach cruiser.


Riding Experience

You’re probably already fantasizing about your little one(s) challenging you to race around the neighborhood. However, it’s important to not get ahead of yourself and be realistic about your kids’ riding abilities before you scoop up a kids beach cruiser. If your kid is a pro, then a single speed cruiser or cruiser with gears should not be a problem. If your kid is barely getting their feet wet, then a single speed kids beach cruiser is preferable, as it is simple and less demanding than other cruisers. To be extra cautious, you can opt for a beach cruiser tricycle like the FIRMSTRONG Mini Bruiser 16” Beach Cruiser Bicycle with Training Wheels”.


Coaster Brake or Handbrake?

The beach cruiser world can be divided when it comes to braking systems. Actually, this is a highly controversial topic that can make or break a friendship (kidding, sort of). When it comes to cruiser bikes for kids though, the general consensus is that coaster brakes are safest. For kids who are barely getting a grasp of their hand-eye coordination, and for those whose hands are delicate and small, handbrakes can pose a danger for the riders as they may not be able to react quickly enough to prevent an accident. We understand if your primal reaction to the above was to embody a mama-bear, so we want to reassure you that Beachbikes’ inventory has coaster break children’s beach cruiser bikes. A favorite is the FIRMSTRONG Urban Girl 20” Beach Cruiser Bicycle.



Not having the right style can be a deal breaker. To prevent your kid from giving you the silent treatment because you clearly don’t understand them, check in with them to see how to personalize their kid’s beach cruiser so that it becomes the cruiser of their dreams. There are href="”>baskets</a>, basket liners, cup holders and horns to customize a kid’s beach cruiser.

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