Fun Bike Ride Ideas For Holiday | And Birthday Celebrations

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February 16, 2017
Fun Bike Ride Ideas For Holiday And Birthday Celebrations
Fun Bike Ride Ideas For Holiday | And Birthday Celebrations

People tend to be the cheery best versions of themselves whenever their birthdays or the holidays roll around. It seems road rage simmers down, strangers make eye contact, and several companies willingly fling out discounts. Sure, this change in mood may be a default from not checking an email inbox 30 times an hour, but there’s an innate joy that comes with knowing something is being celebrated—especially if the experience is shared with friends and family. Riding cool beach cruiser bicycles with others, or a tandem beach cruiser, can be the most liberating and fun experience during a celebration.

Check out some fun bike ride ideas for your next celebration.


Make a birthday an all-day adventure. Ride a fat bike beach cruiser like the sixthreezero Wow Breezy to a marina, lake, riverfront, or beach to reach a paddle board dock. After a paddle board session, ride to a yoga studio to get grounded before you journey into a sunset ride.


Valentine’s Day

Two little lovebirds sitting on a tandem beach cruiser K I S… You get the idea. Tandem cruisers can be one of the most intimate biking experiences as it requires both parties to be alert and communicative, as well as physically close to one another, so take a sweet long scenic ride. One way to make the date more stimulating is to ride to an art museum or any museum of your choice. Make sure to pack a picnic in a basket so that you can discuss what you felt at the museum, or to bicker about what is Picasso’s best work.


St. Patrick’s Day

Be aware that St. Patrick’s Day can get a little rowdy so reserve this holiday for friends. Get a group of people with cool beach cruiser bicycles like the sixthreezero In the Barrel to meet up at a boardwalk or bustling area for a night (or day) of barhopping and brewery hopping. You will have to walk your bike home if you are inebriated so make sure you plan accordingly. If drinking isn’t your thing, still go along the boozy tour to people watch as people go from 0 to 100 real quick.


4th of July

This is an ideal day to get the family together for some bike fun and overeating. Hit up an outdoor concert, a beach front, or a park on your beach cruiser bikes or tandem beach cruiser, then settle somewhere to watch fireworks while you barbecue or roast s’mores.

Enjoy a smooth beach bike cruise on holidays, birthday, and any time you desire to feel free. Sign up for our Mailing List below to get exclusive deals on products and more tips on biking.

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