How To Build Custom Beach Cruisers Online

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February 16, 2017
How To Build Custom Beach Cruisers Online
How To Build Custom Beach Cruisers Online

Picture this: You are cruising down a pathway, the sunlight is tickling your eyes, the breeze is nourishing your body--with so much goodness surrounding you, your default is bliss. Enjoy the sweet journey more often, ride custom beach cruiser bikes today.

In case you have wanted to dabble in casual riding but still haven’t gotten to it, we are here to tell you (and maybe, try to convince you) that there are plenty of perks that come with riding the best invention, a bicycle. For starters, you can get the buns of steel you have wanted (warning: not our guarantee). You can also release endorphin's, observe your surroundings from a different perspective, meditate, feel free, relish in nature’s beauty, and share a fun experience with friends and family.

At Beachbikes we like to go the extra mile with giving you the most liberating experience, so we offer total customization of your bike.

The Customizer

Step into our virtual office and discover how to create dreamy cruiser beach bikes. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to choose between creating a women’s bike or men’s bike, along with many features to suit your needs. However, if customizing every detail feels like too much on your plate, we offer already-made bikes, like the women’s sixthreezero Scholar 3 Speed and the men’s sixthreezero EVRYjourney with the option to customize add-ons.

Choose a Frame

When starting from scratch, you will be asked to select a preferred frame. The available frames depend on your choice of “Men” or “Women” frames and between 1-speed, 3-speed, or 7-speed. Most men’s frames fit men 5’4” to 6’3” tall, and most women’s frames fit women 5’ to 6’ tall. For aesthetic aficionados, select the colors of your frame, rims, tire walls, fenders, grips, and seat. All of our options are selected for optimal functionality and comfort.

Choose Add-ons

For the (more) fun stuff, we offer many accessories to soup up custom beach cruiser bikes. In our customizer, you can add a surfboard rack, back rack, bell, basket liner, basket, beam light, bike lock, cup holder, and a baby seat.

Choose if You Want a Warranty

Whether it be commuting, climbing, muscling through terrains, or cruising, we want you to have fun on your bike on all adventures. So before your strut with one of our custom cruiser bikes for sale, consider adding a forever warranty to your bike because broken parts are no fun.

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