How To Properly Maintain Your Beach Cruiser

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May 12, 2017
How To Properly Maintain Your Beach Cruiser
How To Properly Maintain Your Beach Cruiser
You aim to make every day a good day, regardless of what life throws at you. When you’re in a funk however, your go-to remedy is a bicycle ride around the neighborhood—it works like a charm. Since your bike has been your loyal companion thus far, providing endless fun and happiness, it is only fair that you treat it with utmost respect and love. To do so, it is vital to properly maintain the best cruiser bikes on the market.


There are a few, and important, basics to ensure your bike is in tip-top shape to provide you with an abundance of fulfillment. Inspection is a must. Before you take off on a ride, inspect your bicycle’s brakes, tire air, and chain so that you have a safe ride. Do not skip out on a thorough inspection and tune-up either. Have a mechanic, or yourself, rigorously test out every part of your cruiser at least bi-annually, or more if you ride often.


The best beach cruiser bikes, such as the lightweight and efficient sixthreezero Ride in the Park, need to be protected from excessive wear caused by friction. Therefore, you must keep your bicycle lubricated at all times for smooth, peaceful rides. Your bicycle’s chain will show the most obvious signs of needing lubrication as it will appear dry, or it will squeak. In general, it is best to apply a couple drops of lube onto lever pivots and barrel adjusters, on brake derailleur cables, and onto pivot points. Make sure to wipe off excess lube as it may end up ruining components.


If your bicycle goes on wild adventures, like the free-spirited sixthreezero Explore Your Range or smooth-riding FIRMSTRONG Chief, clean the dirt and debris off of it to prevent damaging and to increase performance. You don’t have to arduously clean your bike each time you ride, but a wipe down with a damp or dry rag is good. Some parts, such as your drivetrain, will require a brush and degreaser regularly to remove grime. The chain will need the most attention and can be cleaned with a rag and degreaser or a chain cleaning device. Front chain rings and cassette should also be scrubbed on the surface while turning the pedals.

Tire Care

Scan your tires for cuts and excess wear as well as tire pressure. It is in your best interest to learn how to change a tire just in case one of yours blows out at an inconvenient time (although we agree that any time is an inconvenient time). When changing a tire, you will need to know your cruiser’s makeup to obtain the proper tools, so become well-acquainted with your ride.

Beachbikes offers the best cruiser brands that are low-maintenance, with a solid beach cruiser frame and cool aesthetics. These cruisers can easily be maintained so that you can be on your bike more often rather than busy fixing it.

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