How To Purchase Beachbikes If You’re In Europe

March 29, 2017
How To Purchase Beachbikes If You’re In Europe
How To Purchase Beachbikes If You’re In Europe

So you’re browsing the Interweb and feeling a bit head-over-heels with the Beachbiker life. You want in, you want to buy bicycles, we get it—but you’re located in Europe and well, we’re in the U.S. No problem. As our company grows, we want to make sure our beloved products are globally available in retail shops, but for now, we can ship products to Canada, Europe, Mexico, Australia, and South America. For those who want to buy bicycles, like the mellow and classic 3-speed FIRMSTRONG Chief Lady or the cool and retro single-speed FIRMSTRONG Urban LRD, and reside in Europe, your shipping quote will be around $50 to $100, and it will be determined after you input your shipping address. The shipment will take approximately 10 to 20 business days after purchase for your enjoyment.

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