How To Shift Gears On 7-Speed Bikes

May 26, 2017
How To Shift Gears On 7-Speed Bikes
How To Shift Gears On 7-Speed Bikes

Cruiser bikes for women with gears can be a lot of fun as they can provide the ultimate adventure. With bikes like the optimal, smooth-riding sixthreezero EVRYjourney or FIRMSTRONG Urban Lady 7 Speed, ladies can freely speed and trudge through many terrains due to the multiple gears on the bike. While some bikes can be shifted with a lever, these have handlebars and pedaling when changing gears because they have derailleurs. Gears can easily be shifted on the grip handlebar (right handlebar) with a moderate to firm twist of the wrist whenever necessary or preferred. If you are left-handed or cannot access the right handlebar, you can simply have a mechanic switch the brake to the left handlebar.

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