Beach Trails To Ride In Oregon

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May 12, 2017
Beach Trails To Ride In Oregon
Beach Trails To Ride In Oregon

Ah, the Beaver State. Full of beauty, full of fun—fun that should be enjoyed with Fido. You two deserve to soak up sweet Oregon, and do so by enjoying the great outdoors. So, pack your car with camping essentials, a touring bike with pet carrier, and plenty of treats for your dog (and perhaps some for you, too).

From gawk-worthy routes to tasty food to grub on, to a culture unlike any other to adore, Oregon is a must to visit as it has much to offer. Even if you are an Oregonian, a coastal road trip is not to be missed as it’s nice to re-fall in love with Oregon once in a while. Get ready to drive and ride in your touring bike throughout the state.

Check out a few amazing places to take your best beach bikes, yourself, and your dog along the coast.

Bandon, OR

Situated two miles north of Bandon, Bullard’s Beach State Park is the perfect spot for a beach cruiser with a basket as it is nuzzled in pine trees, the shore, and a beach. Whether you have a touring bike, cruiser, or mountain bike, there are different terrains ranging from paved paths to hard-packed sand for you to explore while in Bandon. You and your pup can also star gaze (and eye gaze of course) overnight by staying in a pet-friendly yurt in the beach’s campsite. Whenever you and your dog’s bellies start demanding treats, head over to Sea Star Bistro for a filling meal.

Pacific City, OR

After several nights of camping, a warm and comfy room is just what you and your dog will need. What better way to show your pup you appreciate them? Spoil them by reserving a cottage or room in the charming The Inn at Cape Kiwanda or The Cottages at Cape Kiwanda. Relax and rejuvenate with your pup by ordering room service and watching a flick under the sheets. The next morning, when both of you feel refreshed, you can enjoy a bike ride on a beach cruiser with basket and then meet other furry friends along the beach.

Astoria, OR

Drive to Ecola State Park to be in awe by its scenic hikes. Then, whenever you want to start getting comfortable, head to Fort Stevens State Park to enjoy the view of wetlands and dunes, where you can retreat for a nice quiet night at the camp and a bike ride in your cruiser if you wish. Wake up your furry friend at the crack of dawn the next day and drive to Astoria Oregon Riverwalk to catch the sunrise along the river. Take pleasure in riding your touring bike slowly. After soaking up such good vibes, you can grab a delicious lunch at Bridgewater Bistro and simply enjoy the view of the river on the deck.

Your pup is gonna ruff Oregon.

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