Perks of Riding A Women’s FIRMSTRONG 7-Speed Cruiser

May 12, 2017
Perks of Riding A Women’s FIRMSTRONG 7-Speed Cruiser
Perks of Riding A Women’s FIRMSTRONG 7-Speed Cruiser

A Firmstrong beach cruiser can take your life from 0-100 real fast. With its sturdy and reliable craftsmanship, as well as unique features, Firmstrong is a solid brand when choosing a bike. These cruisers are designed with functionality and ease in mind so you can cruise along boardwalks or streets, enjoying each minute. Those who enjoy moving like honey can best enjoy rides with a single speed bike. Those who want a little more control and versatility yet simplicity may love a 3-speed bike the most. Even if you prefer action-packed escapades through rugged lands, a Firmstrong beach cruiser in 7-speed can slow everything down to ensure you are living in the present. Bikes like the Bella and Bella Fashionista come with wide handlebars, elongated frames, padded seating, and a 28” minimum seat height for safe, comfortable riding around town.

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