SoCal Urban Bike Riding Clubs

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May 12, 2017
SoCal Urban Bike Riding Clubs
SoCal Urban Bike Riding Clubs

I think we can all agree that riding an urban bike in the sun (man, even in the rain) is by far one of the most liberating feelings humanly possible. The connection to the Earth and your body is unbeatable, making riding a healthy end of the week reward. If you dig self-imposed incentives to work smarter throughout the week, then riding meetups are for you. Lucky for those of you living in (and visiting) SoCal, there are plenty of cycling clubs available.


Bicycle Club of Irvine

Operating for 30 years, this bike club organizes riding events in the Irvine area several times throughout the week. Riders take their urban bike to different locations to learn new techniques, ride for a cause, advocate social change, and to simply enjoy leisure social rides.


Social Cycling Group

Accessible to beginners and exciting to seasoned riders, this group offers several bike meetups throughout the week. People who wish to meet new people and make new friends with similar interests can not only embark on a journey with their urban bike, but can also socialize through this meetup, as the organizers include yoga, farmer’s market, comedy shows, and more in the Long Beach area to the group’s calendar.


BOBie Cycling Club

Those who reside in the Inland Empire, and who desire to be well-immersed in the riding culture, can join this meetup group. Members often meet in Chino Hills to ride their city cruiser bike according to their level so that everyone can stick together. This meetup group encourages people to ride their cruisers often while promoting community.



Based in Los Angeles, this grassroots cycling club SWAT inspires women to ride more together and to create biking culture within their community. This club meets up for clinics, rides, and races on a monthly basis.


You can also come ride with us if you’re down to be a Beachbiker and if you’re in the South Bay, Huntington, or even Phoenix area. When we get together, we ride our retro cruiser bikes and have fun enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful outdoors. If you’re totally itching to be part of a riding meetup with us, but don’t live in the meetup areas, contact us to sponsor a meetup in your area and even get discounts on cruisers.

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