Best Bike Tips For Staying Safe This Summer

July 05, 2017
Best Bike Tips For Staying Safe This Summer
Best Bike Tips For Staying Safe This Summer

The weather is warmer and the kids are out of school, making summer the ideal season for spending some quality time together. Whether you plan on taking a holiday or just cruising around the neighborhood on your cruiser bike with gears, it’s critical to keep your loved ones safe and sound. So before you hop on your best bike for a cruise, read these summer safety tips for cyclists.

Wear a Helmet

While the most basic safety tip, wearing a helmet is also the most important. Ensure that the helmet is not wobbly or loose on your head. This can be accomplished by purchasing a helmet with sticky-backed foam padding or adjusting the size ring inside.

A properly fitting helmet should be low on your forehead, resting about an inch above your brows. Don’t forget to buckle the chinstrap on your helmet as well as your child’s!

Buy a Well-Functioning, Good Fitting Bicycle

Never ride a bike that is too small or too large for you. When you or your child stands over the bike, there should be one to two inches between you and the crossbar. The handlebars should always be the same height as the seat, and your knees should be bent ever so slightly when you fully extend your legs toward the pedals.

Beach Bikes offers some of the best bikes around for men, women, and children. The Firmstrong Urban Girl Cruiser is one of our top-rated kids bikes for girls and comes in a plethora of fashionable colors, as well as a pedal-backwards coaster brake for easy pedaling and smooth braking.

For your son, look no further than our Fimstrong Urban Boy 20-inch cruiser. Available in black or red, this cool cruiser comes with training wheels and a classic look that all boys will surely love.

Ride on Paths

Bike paths are specifically designed for cyclists and are great places to ride on with the kids. If you need to ride on the road, ride in the same direction as traffic and always keep an eye out for pedestrians, potholes, and construction zones. Keep your kids riding in the middle, with your spouse or another adult riding in the rear.

For Best Bike Safety, Get the Right Accessories

Whether you get a bike horn to let folks know you’re coming, or a sturdy bike basket to carry your supplies, bike accessories can make your time out on the road on a cruiser bike with gears a lot easier, and much more fun!

For the best bike available for you and the members of your family, shop on our website today. Additionally, sign up for our Mailing List below to get exclusive deals on products and more tips on biking.

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