Things To Do When Riding A Beach Bike In San Diego

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May 12, 2017
Things To Do When Riding A Beach Bike In San Diego
Things To Do When Riding A Beach Bike In San Diego

If you envision perfection, San Diego is pretty close to it. With its abundantly beautiful beaches, water sports, bike trails, shopping malls, breweries, art galleries, and restaurants, there is never a shortage of fun in the city. One of the best ways to appreciate and absorb what San Diego has to offer is on a beach bike. Riding beach cruisers bikes can offer a new perspective and freeze time so that you are really in the moment.

An amazing way to practice slow living is to ride your beach bike, like the classic and reliable FIRMSTRONG Urban Man or the fun and smooth sixthreezero Wow Breezy on the Ocean Beach Bike Path and enjoy activities along the way. On this route, you will traverse the San Diego River starting at Dog Beach with the option to continue on more bike paths in Mission Bay.

Enjoy San Diego and all its treasures.

Dog Beach

You don’t have to stress to find a pet sitter. Simply attach a pet carrier to your beach bike so that little Rufus can explore San Diego with you. To start your adventure, head to Dog Beach (where the bike path begins) where your furry friends can roam freely without a leash. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can enjoy people and dog watching.



Check out Mike Hess Brewing Ocean Beach, Culture Brewing Co, OB Brewery, or other breweries in Ocean Beach with your furry friend or human friend. Enjoy a brew, or two and ride responsibly.


Lighthouse Ice Cream

Curb your sweet tooth craving with a little tasty delight. This ice cream spot has plenty of options for you to choose from. Sit outside with your treat and bask in the sweetness of the moment (and the sugar).



After you’ve had a good time at the brewery and ice cream shop, hit up local shops while on beach bicycles. Cruise along the path to see what catches your eye as there are many goodies for everyone along the way. From boutiques like Miss Match Boutique and Noon Designs, to alternative shops like Crystal Visions and The Black, you will likely not go home empty-handed.


Casa Guadalajara

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, ride a little way out of the bike path to get to Casa Guadalajara for delicious Mexican food. Enjoy folk art and a live mariachi band as you dine and drink.

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