How To Give Your Bike A Thorough Inspection Before Riding

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March 29, 2017
How To Give Your Bike A Thorough Inspection Before Riding
How To Give Your Bike A Thorough Inspection Before Riding

Just as you need regular checkups, your bicycle needs a thorough routine inspection, too. Even if you are a seasoned rider or have taken an interest in road bikes for beginners, and whether you are about to embark on a demanding journey or simply commuting to work, it is best to briefly inspect your bike to ensure a safe ride.

While not every aspect of your bike must be checked each time your ride, as it would during a tune-up, there are some basic precautions to take before getting on the road or terrain.


If you’re borrowing a bike or your bike has been collecting dust, be sure it is the right fit before you take off. There needs to be at least 1-2 inches of clearance for road bikes, and 2-3 inches for mountain bikes between your crotch and the bar.


It is an absolute must to test out your brakes prior to each ride. Squeeze the front and rear brake levers or pedal backward, depending on your bike, to confirm they work. The cushy single-speed sixthreezero Around the Block provides an easy and intuitive braking system suitable for beginners, or for those who wish to have freedom from confusing wiring and parts.


Get in the habit of checking your tires so that you don’t get a flat on the road. If there are cracks or wear on your tires, consider changing the tires soon. You want properly inflated tires at all times so carry your patch kit and pump with you when you ride.


Protect your joints by adjusting the seat height and position. When your feet are parallel to the ground, your knee needs to be directly over the center of your front pedal. The sixthreezero In the Barrel is a smooth-riding and awesome bike with customizable cruiser bike parts that allow you to position yourself for the ultimate comfort.


Take a quick glance at your beach cruiser frame to spot any cracks or damage that may interfere with your ride. Never ride if there is damage.


Examine chains on road bikes for beginners and all other bikes. The chain should be lubricated and clean to guarantee easier shifts and a smoother ride.


Bikes with gears must be looked over. To do so, turn the crank, then shift through all the gears to see if the chain jumps a gear on the rear cassette, indicating a need for a change in gears. A reliable and functional cruiser with gears is the FIRMSTRONG Bella Classic 7 Speed that will make the gear check effortless.

A thorough examination is worth the time spent as it will likely assure an effortless ride, giving you more freedom to enjoy the moment. Sign up for our Mailing List below to get exclusive deals on products and more tips on biking.

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