What's The Difference Between Beach Cruiser Wheels And Other Bike Tires?

February 16, 2017
What's The Difference Between Beach Cruiser Wheels And Other Bike Tires?
What's The Difference Between Beach Cruiser Wheels And Other Bike Tires?

You love to cruise, climb, and coast on your bike. You’re admittedly a wee-bit obsessed with the feel-good chemicals that come with riding. Yet, have you ever stopped to consider what makes beach bike cruising so incredible? There are plenty components and reasons why they’re so great, but one important component that makes beach cruisers a one-of-kind experience is the type of beach cruiser wheels used.

Read on to understand the difference between beach cruiser wheels and other bike tires.


Beach Cruiser Wheels

Bikes for the beach are designed with beginners in mind. They are built with large balloon tires, or fat tires, to create a slow, smooth ride. Balloon tires are wide, typically sized 2” to 4.7” wide. They are also low-pressure and low-maintenance which allows them to roll easily and thus prevent discomfort for riders. These type of tires, as found on the FIRMSTRONG Urban Lady 3, are best suited for flat terrain because of their smooth tread. Additionally, if you want to have the ultimate chill ride, you can add beach bike accessories, like a wicker basket to fill it with picnic supplies, a cup holder (for non-adult beverages), a pet carrier to share the fun with a furry friend, handlebar flowers, or a back rack. These types of accessories are most accommodating to bikes with beach cruiser wheels.


Mountain Bike Tires

Adventure seekers who prefer challenging terrains in the great outdoors will gravitate toward mountain bikes. Tires for these types of bikes are wide but narrower than cruiser bike tires, ranging from 2.25” to 2.5” wide, but can be as narrow as 1.5”. Typically, mountain bike tires have a knobby tread style. Knobbies, which are aggressive, have protruding geometric shapes to provide enough traction to perform well in different terrains such as sand, roots, road, rocks, and mud. In contrast to beach cruisers, mountain bike rides are usually choppy.


Road Touring Bike Tires

Those who live for the rush that comes from speeding likely seek road bikes. This type of bike uses narrow tires, ranging from 23 mm to 28 mm in order to pick up momentum. Most road bikes have a slick tread, a very smooth surface without a visible tread. They are designed for enduring asphalt and slick rock and not much off the road. The tires are also high pressure and stiff so riders may feel the bumps and shocks when confronted with potholes and other obstructions.

All bikes are fun as they all serve different purposes. However, a beach bike can best compliment any other bike. With a beach cruiser, you get a little extra fun because of its flexibility and carefree nature. You can ride day or night, without performance expectations, and just soak in the moment.

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