Women’s Bikes For Empowerment

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May 12, 2017
Women’s Bikes For Empowerment
Women’s Bikes For Empowerment

Physical activity can clear the mind and minimize stress, producing a healthier mental state. With a clear head comes the ability to make decisions, create, and take action. So, given the political and social climate around the world, it totally makes sense to release frustrations in a physical practice, especially through bicycle riding on cool cruiser bikes. It is no surprise then that as women’s grassroots groups increase, so do women’s representation in cycling. After all, women’s bikes provide freedom, empower women, and are therapeutic and fun.

Why Biking Is Great For Women

There are heaps of health benefits that come with riding bikes such as: decrease in obesity, increase in cardiovascular fitness, increase in strength and flexibility, decrease in anxiety and depression, increase in happiness, and improvement in posture and coordination—all of which provide women with a solid foundation to be active in society. Along with the physical, emotional, and mental benefits, bike riding prevents gender violence and harassment as women are harder to target while on a bicycle.

As a response to these gender-bias social norms, women around the US are making themselves seen by riding women’s bikes to defeat oppression. Several rad women-based cycling groups have been created, making riding more accessible, safe, and enjoyable within their communities.


Women’s Cycling Groups You Should Know

Black Girls Do Bike: BGDB organization has chapters throughout the United States to promote self-care, alternative transportation, skill-sharing, empowerment, and representation in the cycling world. The group has meet-ups to share cycling tips, encourage bike advocacy, and to celebrate one another.

Ovarian Psycos: Identifying as an all-women of color bike brigade, the East Los Angeles group aims to heal themselves and their communities through assertive community activism. They also find empowerment through their bonding as the group, collectively supporting each other riding in the dark in what is deemed dangerous neighborhoods.

Little Bellas: Created with the goal to empower young girls, the group helps young cyclists realize their full riding potential while showing them the importance of having a strong bond and a lot of fun being healthy.

How to Be Active in Your Community

Feeling inspired by these incredible women and the abundance of benefits from women’s bikes and riding communities? Consider organizing your own little (or big) bike crew in your community, or inspire someone to do so. Women’s beach cruiser bikes like the sixthreezero Scholar 7 Speed, FIRMSTRONG CA-520 Alloy 3 Speed, and the sixthreezero Classic Edition 7 Speed provide stability, power, pleasure, and smooth rides for women who have a mission, and who desire to relish in the beauty of the present.

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