The Warehouse

October 01 2005

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The Warehouse

October 2005 - Six months after Beachbikes was formed (That's Dustin to the left)

This warehouse became the first "store" for Beachbikes. After moving in more and more customers began coming to the warehouse to buy bikes. Shipping sales also increased and soon bikes were being shipped all over the country on a daily basis. Mike quit his job and was running operations full time while Dustin continued to work another job. Soon Mike needed help and he hired a few employees to help ship and build bikes.

After one year of being in the warehouse, in October 2006 they had outgrown the space. They made the decision to double their space and rent a 2,200 sq. ft. warehouse in the front of the building they were currently renting in. At the same time Dustin decided it was time he quit his job and come onboard full time to Beachbikes. In the new warehouse, they would setup their first true showroom. It was simple but it provided a place for customers to shop.