February 20 2015

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Charlie is an important member of the Beachbikes team, in charge of all customer relations. Charlie is a native of Long Beach, CA where he lives one block from the ocean. He makes it a point to walk to the beach everyday even if only for a second or two. Charlie rides around on a sixthreezero In the Barrel that he customized himself. He enjoys particpating in the biking events around Los Angeles, events like Ciclivia and Long Beach Bike Marathon. Charlie wants to continue to be a part of the biking community as it continues to grow. His hope is more people turn to their bike as a means of fun and enjoyment instead of their smartphones.


Favorite Bike Ride: Long Beach Boardwalk 

Favorite Bike: sixthreezero Mammoth

When I'm Not Riding: I'm riding... oh, when I'm not riding... I'm riding