February 20 2015

Tagged in Creative Genius

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Nate is just as described, a creative genius, a true visionary and creative mastermind. Nate is responsible for many of the incredible images, videos and other artistic elements on the Beachbikes website. A graduate of UCLA Nate's educational background is in numbers, Accounting to be exact, but his passion lies in creation and art. He could spend hours shooting and editing video for no other reason than he loves doing it.You can see from the picture at left Nate has an afro, and it's grown since this picture. We love it, he loves it and the people love it. Nate lives everyday like it's his last, and he has fun doing it.



Favorite Bike Ride: Hermosa Strand

Favorite Bike: sixthreezero Retro

When I’m Not Riding: I’m shooting photos, videos, and being creative